“I was young

Now I’m grown

Don’t know where my time has gone

Foreign roads

Fancy clothes

Watching all my dreams unfold

And I know, I know

Life’s never gonna be the same

(Never be the same no)

Use to wish I had my own

Luxury paper planes….”

“Luxury paper planes….” I can’t help but to echo that last line, like I’m Pharell or Minnie Riperton in falsetto mode – it’s really a beautiful vibe to sing like it’s “spring again”- word to Biz Markie. Seriously though, the above lyrics are sung by one of our favorites from the neo-soul-and-now era, Philly’s Musiq Soulchild who dropped the chorus on Scott King’s latest  video release “Paper Planes”. The song was released a while back but we are definitely in the does it really matter “when” age. Even I have to remember – music is timeless.

At first I was going to delve into some cliche blogging about Scott King’s execution of his always heavy hitting bars and explain the lyrical connection to the title of the song and the importance of chasing dreams, rising up from a life of despair, and not biding time. However, the more I replayed the song and watched the visuals, I just started to appreciate the cool, not so edgy appeal (which is somewhat different for Scott King’s lyrical prowess) of the song and Musiq Soulchild’s vocal artistry on the not so overly infectious, but pleasurable chorus that just simply breathes peace. But then… “Instead of fightin’ for freedom/We steady fightin’ among us/Kids dodgin’ bullets/While flyin’ kites in the summer”. Scott King’s pen doesn’t stray from some of the grittiness of the track no matter how hard your ear latches on to the soulful warmth.  And also… I love the chemistry that Scott King and Musiq Souchild bring to the table. Both artists understood this creative endeavor, no doubt, but, listeners will certainly appreciate the best of both worlds where top tier bars meets real “Musiq” and “youjuswanna” be a fan of more than just this one track from these two. Wishful thinking right? In the meantime, keep wishing, check out  the video below and y’all enjoy!