The flyest in a muumuu. period.

Queen Mvtha Cvla says its time to exhale and breathe smoothly now… Recently she dropped her naturistic sounding instrumental single, coupled with the visuals, for her track entitled “kazi ya ndani”. “What acceptance feels like, and accepting things is inner work” is how Mvtha Cvla captioned this latest artistic sound on Instagram. The visuals which were directed by Mvtha Cvla and Jean Wough, definitely invoke a sense of freedom and an indulgence in oneself as we see Mvtha Cvla vibing to the tune of her own artistic expression by dancing in her flowing designer muumuu in a backyard setting and frequently entertaining the coils in her hair with her Afro Pick in the most liberated way – like nobody is watching, but not caring about any eyes that are upon her. When Mvtha Cvla shared a snippet of the track on Instagram, I didn’t know fans would get blessed with a full track and visuals of some wholesome tranquility we didn’t know we needed. Thank you Mvtha Cvla for this peace. Y’all enjoy!