Last month, Boston, MA artist Blak Sea collaborated with artists Amandi Music and Quincey White on the track “Get It” which is a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle. The track is all about hustle, determination, and raises the question mark about that 40 acres and a mule and as well as being mentally enslaved l; Produced by Donte’ & Mariano, “Get It” embodies a nice, melodic piano vibe with Amandi singing the chorus (“I’m tryna make it to the money no matter the ’cause/Even if it’s raining or if it’s sunny…”) and Quincey White and Blak Sea adding their lyrical expertise to the track (“I get it that we can’t die with it/But we’ll die to get it/Yeah, Whether it’s money, respect, your rep, or your recognition/Get the message from a legend living/Give me roses while I can still smell ’em/I hope they heaven scented…”). Take a listen to the track below and enjoy!