Connecticut’s Klokwize dropped the new single and visuals for his reflective and heartfelt song “When Will I” featuring Angela Luna and Lawrence White. “When Will I” is the follow-up track to the well received and fan favorite, “Call Me Crazy” featuring Self Suffice and Tang Sauce. I have to admit, when I first heard “When I Will I” it really tugged at my heart and the visuals, complete with Klokwize’s sidekick – a doppelganger for Lassie – really had me all in my feels and thinking about my own family dog who is no longer with us. The track has a soft bluesy tone and the lyrics sets the foundation for those times when one is deep in thought about life – “I see that people start to live and not beat themselves up inside/I wonder when will I?/I wonder when will I?… My high school girlfriend got married and she still text me late at night/To see if I’ll reply/I wonder when will I?/I wonder when will I?.” The arrangement of the song complete with Lawrence White on bass, Angela Luna polishing the ad-libs and chorus with her beautiful vocals, and the overall feel good vibes really makes this song the type of track that you just want to kick back with and sip on some wine or take a drive down the highway and listen to. I love how Klokwize flexed his raspy singing vocals on this track and it’s always a pleasure to hear and feel the musical chemistry that he has with Angela Luna. This trio and song is definitely a winner on my playlist. “When Will I” is now available on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms and yes we have the visuals for your viewing pleasure below. Y’all enjoy!