Welcome to another day in the world of DIVERZE. where his passion to deal with extraordinary circumstances is built to make you feel it in his lyricism and music. Recently, he released his latest single entitled “Another Day” where he displays a highly energized flow tailored with real life shit infused with some hardcore truths that makes you want to reassess just how “good” your bad day is really going. (“My cousin just got life/Tryna feed his family and find his wife/I’m ridin’ out tonight/So this is for my cousin Derrick/’Cause even when nobody talks about you, shits apparent/Just hold your head to the ceilin”/Man just keep on starin’/Sometimes things get takin’/So you can focus/Ain’t no joking/Ain’t no copin’/Go and focus my nigga…”). What I like about “Another Day”is the mismatched pace of the track, that is akin to a slow, haunting, boom bap sound coupled with DIVERZE.’s rapid fire verses which makes you wanna suck some air for him after he takes you on a wild lyrical ride to get your head right and then “drops you off” in the direction you need to start movin’ in. “Another Day” is now available on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms. Take a ride and listen below. Y’all enjoy!