Zambian hip hop pioneer, Holstar recently dropped the follow-up to his single “Masters Of The Universe” entitled “The Awakening (New Boma)”… nah, he didn’t but it’s NEW on Tidal. I tweeted the track as NEW and see timeless me, I’mma “stand on it” (shout out to Tiye Phoenix) and still share the song and perhaps commit to a weekly Throwback Thursday post to those artists that are part of the #TGSofHH fam. I mean why not? We’ve been dedicated for a minute now.

Released back in 2015, “The Awakening (New Boma)” is a call for hip hop unity (“Zambian hip hop needs its unity/Cohesiveness, community, no politics, impunity/Honestly nobody movin’ me/I’m like a freedom statute/No Angels in court, I spit it truthfully.”) for Zambian hip hop and on the track “Big Holstar” reminds listeners of his influence and contribution to the hip hop culture (“Big Holstar/I’m a Beast/It’s not up for debate/Big Holster!/These cats reek of the carcass of hate.”). “The Awakening (New Boma)” is available on all your favorite digital streaming platforms. Listen again and enjoy!