“The power belongs to those who have free minds

Those who can see behind the veil of illusion

Know the truth and can stand on it…”

Tiye Phoenix recently dropped the visuals for her latest single and fan favorite entitled “Stand On It” featuring fellow lyricist and bar slayer Ruste Juxx. ‘Stand On It”, which is the follow-up to her last single, “Elevation”, is equal parts grimy, (with its hard and edgy production) with lyrics built on principle, truth, a commitment to stand by what one believes in and no cap.

As far as the visuals, its pleasant to see Tiye Phoenix and Ruste Juxx going bar for bar, and admire how both wordsmiths compliment each other, yet bring their individual lyrical fire power to the table. “Stand On It” is available on your favorite digital streaming platforms and you can watch the video below. Enjoy!