Jacobi Ryan recently released his latest seven track EP entitled “Fail Better” which is the follow-up to his last projects “IKIA”, “Practice Gym” and his compilation “Yearbook”. The Lawton, Oklahoma native buckled down all 2019 with his #52in365 campaign as he heavily delivered for his fans week after week with 52 hip hop tracks, videos, and podcasts. Not to mention his work on the “Fire In Little Africa” project, various features he’s lent his pen to, shows he’s performed at, as well continuing to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors.

If were walking in Jacobi Ryan’s shoes, I would say “Fail Better” almost feels like a combination of the big exhale after all that he has accomplished in the last three years and in life so far and a deep assessment of how it’s going even after processing the effects of those who left him out, his own flaws/differences and his resilient responses that morph into his strength and “get it off the ground” attitude. (“I had to pull up on them/Ask them why they mad though?/They let me in/Creepin’ in through the back door/I’m the man/When all you do is let the facts show/Planted in the soil for the flagpole.”). The uber transparency that Jacobi always tends to display in his lyricism and the abundance of less edgier sounding but, passion filled tracks on the EP like “Not The Same” and “Flag Pole” adds a new layer to how far he can stretch with his lyrical abilities, rapping/singing style and different genres and sub genres of music. The first time I heard Jacobi, he ripped the ish out of a hardcore, melodic driven track. I don’t think enough is said about how flexible and diverse Jacobi is when it comes to his creativity when he builds the structure of his songs lyrically with various flows, classic ad-libs (chanting or not), hooks, and his authentic, raw passion for his native city and state and the people whom he can “call on”. 

“Fail Better” is now available on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms. Enjoy!