Hailing from Riverside, CA, artist and former member of the now defunct hip hop collective The Reform, NAVI recently dropped his first album entitled “Inefable”. The album consists of nine tracks that are backed by a variety of themes and genres of music that range from boom bap hip hop which can be heard on the track “Point Blank” with Infinite Tgm (also a former member of The Reform) and mellow jazz on tracks like “Da Jazz” which is another track by NAVI and Infinite Tgm who lends his vocals to the track. Listeners will appreciate the variety and also the balance of emotions that NAVI displays in his lyrics especially, on his more introspective and melodic tracks like “Calm Blessing”, “A Place” and one of my favorites on the album, the melancholy, yet, upbeat sounding track entitled “Thinking Too Much” where NAVI employs some of his rapping/singing style (“I know that it seems to much/Thank God I’m finding  my way/I just been thinking too much/It seems that I’m on my way/I seen dreams/I need home…”) which makes you want to hear more of his versatility and growth. “Inefable” is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms. Enjoy!