Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, South Sacramento, and Ontario, First Dirt crew members Rymeezee, Timothy Rhyme, and 60 East recently dropped their first single in a long time – their ode to the golden state entitled ” California”. Produced by Rymeezee, the single boasts a smooth West Coast vibe, that is right on time for your summertime playlists. The track is structured to start and end with the thematic hook sung by Rymeezee: (“Out hear we got the best smoke/Thickest, baddest women on the West Coast/From the Sac to the Bay down to L.A. we stay (California)/Somethin’ bout the Golden State/We the hottest and there’s no debate/From Central Valley down Diego/We stayin’…”), so you only got two tries to remember the lyrics so you can Smeeze in slow motion and vocalize the hook. Sandwiched between the hook, each artist takes turns delivering their verses showing love to Cali (and Cali things – shout out to Cookies), their respective home turfs, dappin’ each other up (“E-40 said to never wear a cape/When I met Rymeezee/It was all love from the gate/Never fake.”), and payin’ homage to other well known California hip hop artists who’ve influenced their craft (“So amazed by what I write on a page/I don’t know why/But I was raised by The Lady of Rage”). From the state where the love is golden – “California” is now available on all of your favorite digital steaming platforms. Stream, listen, support and enjoy!