“When you’re up, it gets rough, get home safe.” – Rymeezee

Life is a trip and balancing it does not come without shakin’ some shit up and it doesn’t matter if you started it or you’re just trying to conquer it. Either way, how you land, regardless if you’re strapped tight or not, reveals another layer of one’s character and perseverance.  

“Turbulence” is the post-quarantine project from the Bay Area’s young/veteran rapper, producer, entrepreneur, youth mentor, and family man Rymeezee. The project takes listeners on a lyrical ride about balancing the “shakiness” of the myriad of disruptions in our lives with a fresh balance of some of the more mindful things we need to do in order to deal with it all. “Turbulence” boasts a total of fourteen tracks and Rymeezee assembled a well rounded list of artists from the Bay Area and Texas that contributed to the features on the project including Dregs One, Harv Hustle Austin, TX), Rymeezee’s son Eli, First Dirt members Timothy Rhyme and 60 East, Lesso, Paragon, and vocals from Beronica Zelayaa. Complete with introspective short skits and deep conversational snippets throughout the project which navigates listeners through some turbulent and also beautiful times such as of facing fear, love and relationships, being a family man and dedicated artist, believing in yourself, and experiencing things you can’t control (like the issue of crime as it relates to bipping on the Cali classic sounding track “Bip Hop” with Dregs One). 

Some of the stand out tracks include “California”, “Bip Hop”, “Consumed” ft. Beronica, “Fair Trade”, the soulful “Who Will”, and my favorite track,  “Highly Favored” (“Ain’t nothin free/I been putin’ in the time and the labor/ I’m highly favored/Asiatic island flavors/ Ask ‘em if they ready and they sayin ‘Oh yeah’/Cause that’s him…and that’s that.”). On “Highly Favored” long term fans will appreciate the way Rymeeze highlights his all knowing  purpose and polished work ethic in this rap game as you can never count this Young O.G out – ever! “Turbulence” is now available on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms. Rymeeze also dropped his studio performance/lyric video for the opening track off of “Turbulence” entitled “Introverse”. Check it out below and y’all stream, share, and enjoy!