“I stick to myself, that’s just what I like
I don’t need the lower vibes clogging up the pipes
Slept on many floors, struggled many nights
But if that change my quality of life,
Then I’m gone roll the dice” – T. Anansi

New Jersey’s T. Anansi (f.k.a. Fly Terry Mak) recently dropped his latest single entitled  “Reflection”. The single is a follow up to his last two EPs  – “Nothing But Love (Vol. 2)” and “Things Are Happening” which were released earlier this year.  “Reflection” can lyrically be described as a very personal deep dive that according to T. Anansi has also awakened his creative process. What I love about “Reflection” is that T. Anansi lyrically starts the track with wooing and building on the highest level, with a potential love interest with a desire to introduce her to her own “reflection” (“Shorty do you wanna ride?/I can show you your reflection/You gone grow/You gone glow/Be your best/And before you know it’s gone set in.”) to T. Anansi taking us all the way to the edge of the cliff, when the beat switches up, as he recaps his struggles, emotional turmoil, (“Lost, lame, strange, and hard to hug/Used vagina as a vice/There ain’t too many harder drugs”) and the ways in which he chose to rebound (“I was beefing with my blood/Throwing bows with my cuz/I’m grateful now as men, we finally getting back to love”). All the while, T. Anansi keeps listeners engaged over a bouncy, hip hop, RnB track where the energy is surprisingly fun (as in a long awaited breath of fresh air) with an introspective, and self-healing feel. “Reflection” is now available for purchase or streaming on your favorite digital streaming platforms. Listent and enjoy!