“Every single verse is major/I’m the Earth’s savior/The trauma healer/The generational curse breaker/The latest resurgence of greatness…

They thought they buried me.”

– Tiye Phoenix

Bar for bar, Tiye Phoenix is known for crafting and executing ill verses, infused with witty wordplay, and supreme lyrical content. And for sure, I know somewhere in her Queendome, Tiye Phoenix has to have a crown or scepter near her throne that has “Stop Right There” inscribed on it. So, regardless if she is standing on her own and what she believes in, (hear “Stand On It” ft Ruste Juxx) or is surrounded by a heavy pedigree of rhymers where “iron sharpens iron”, Tiye Phoenix will shine as an emcee’s emcee always.

On her latest single, “Shine Harder”, Tiye Phoenix doubles down on her intentions to not only motivate others, but to keep her light glowing no matter what. “Shine Harder” is a high energy, boom bap track that opens with Rim Da Villin’s verses that encompasses a confident and edgy flow. And, when the baton is passed, like the Queen that she is, Tiye Phoenix descends down on listeners like a royal “silent assassin” (just like the cover artwork) and hits us with the fierce, motivating chorus – “Everyday of my life/I’mma shine harder/You throwin’ shade on my light?/I’mma shine harder/You tryna’ block what I’m doin’?/Don’t be shocked when you losin’/Everyday of my life/I’mma shine harder/You throwin’ shade on our light?/We gonna shine harder/You tryna stop me from winnin’?/I’mma shine harder/You gone watch me ascended/I’mma Shine harder”. After the chorus, she transitions to her hard rhyming and it’s just all the way up from there – “You don’t wanna spar bar for bar with the Goddess/It’s super star flow/Taking my respect it’s overdue/Like you car note/Thought your weapons would prosper?/Wrong hoe/I’m on go/Lower your tone/You unknown/You John Doe”. Pure fire. The lyrical energy is definitely high level conscious and thorough. Tiye doesn’t miss with delivering another track for her fans that appreciate the art and skills of an emcee, as well as creating a music piece that can turnaround any negative mindset.

“Shine Harder” is out now and available on all streaming platforms. Listen and support. Y’all enjoy!