When the music says “go”, I write. If some artists that I have featured on my pages only knew how profoundly true that is for me and also the catalyst for me ending whatever writing hiatus I am on. Yes, my relationship with music via the artists I feature is precious. The other day New York’s, I-Am-I released a snippet of his lo-fi, melodic and jazz filled track entitled “The Eagle Has Landed” on his IG and let’s just say – “I took that personally” and it was up (in a good way).

The track, which was born as a lyrical exercise, according to I-Am-I, is a culmination of  short, concise and intentionally purposeful, uplifting lyrics. However, a listener won’t even notice the brevity of the track as he creatively “lands the eagle” and comes in for the clutch to power up your mindset about reconnecting with your gifts. “I’m not sure anymore/Who is rapping at my door (door)/Cause all the rap Gods I once knew/They all round so sadly and so blue… Gotta do it with your whole body God/Get your arm, leguh, leguh, arm, head involved/This is rapping no stress involved/Effortless, that’s why they check for dove/Even if they don’t check at all/Do it for the love/Imagine if there was a check involved…”  The overall sound of the track is a feel good airy aura and when coupled with I-Am-I’s rap/singing style and message, the track will resonate like a refreshing epiphany you didn’t even know you needed. 

“The Eagle Has Landed” is currently available for streaming on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Enjoy!